Q.1 Where can I buy Kenko products?
A.1 Please ask our global partner near you who is listed in the following link.
Distributor List
Q.2 Could I make sure the compatibility of Kenko Telephoto Converter with my lenses?
A.2 Please check the following link to find the compatibility table with genuine camera maker's lenses. TELEPLUS_DGX_series_CompatibilityList.pdf
Q.3 Are Kenko Tele-Converters supported for SIGMA or TAMRON lenses?
A.3 No, they aren’t. They are designed for official lenses and Tokina lenses.
Q.4 Is there Kenko Tele-Converter series for the Micro Four Thirds?
A.4 No, there is not. Kenko Tele-Converters series is not designed for the Micro Four Thirds.
Q.5 I would like to learn about the difference of Kenko Telephoto converter series.
A.5 There are Teleplus PRO 300 DGX series and Teleplus MC DGX series. Teleplus PRO 300 DGX series is based 300mm Telephoto Lens. It is designed for "50mm lens - telephoto lens”. Teleplus MC DGX series is based 50mm focal lens. It is designed for "wide lens - 200mm lens".
Q.6 Can you directly support about returns and repairs from oversea?
A.6 So sorry, we can't directly support.
Please contact our distributors or shops you bought.